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In order to make COVID-19 more safe, Nucleus Computers has launched human body scanners to measure the temperature .We have released our new Thermometer Scanner supporting human body temperature detection, temperature display, and 1-meter ultra-far temperature detection, 0.2 error, and automatic temperature alarm, second level detection speed, and real-time export of attendance temperature measurement data. This system works towards helping to avoid the risk of spreading the infection to other people therefore slowing the spread and aiding to lower the pressure on hospitals/community/company.

The non-contact temperature guns have the following features;

Instant 1 Second Readings
With a click of the button, you will have an accurate reading in just 1 second.

Dual Mode
Measure skin temperature or body temperature of humans.

Auto Shut-off
With a click of the button you will have an accurate reading in only 1 second.

Multi-Coloured Backlight Display
LCD backlit display for easy reading day or night. The backlight will display red if the reading is high.

Memory Recall
Keeps track of the 20 past readings. 



                                                                                                         SMART SENSOR INFRARED THERMOMETER WITH LASER POINTER ST490+ @ $99- (Inc tax)                                                                CEM BODY & SURFACE INFRARED THERMOMETER @ $198- (Inc tax)

Access Control System (Face Recognition/ Temperature Indicator)

Nucleus Computer also has launched an access control system which has face recognition and thermometry system to help company, factory, school, station, hospital to detect the thermometry, fever warning and mask detection etc. for AUD $ 1500.00 (including tax). These devices have been designed after the virus outbreak, and one of the key indicators to when someone has a virus infection is that their temperature will be rise with the average fever temperature sitting around 38°C. Using the facial recognition device as pictured below, it can identify when visitors attempting to enter entrance or areas with public people have a high temperature and risk passing virus to others. It automatically saves the face image and temperature which can be used to trace and contact the person.