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Power Supply DC Low Voltage 9V unregulated and regulated


Model/Part #

Stock Description



SYS1089-1509-T3 9V 1.7A Compatible with ePLUS Communication Integration System $40.00
20L2173 AC Adaptor Class 2 Transformer 1000mA $22.00
410902002CT NEC  AC Adapter 200mA $12.00
42405 DYNE Industrial 0.9A $18.00
9VDC200 Telephone Equipment 200mA $12.00
9VDC300 DSE 300mA $12.00
9VDC500 Telephone Equipment 500mA $12.00
XKD-Z2000NHS9.0-24W Switching Power Supply 9V 2A  
RPG  MODEL 9/3 9V DC 300mA $15.00
A20920A Sennheiser Output: 9V 0.2A 1.8VA (Compatible with Sennheiser TR120) $20.00
A20920A Telstra 9V 200mA $14.00
AC-950W Sony AC100-240V 9v 0.6A $20.00
AAD-041S UNIDEN AC ADAPTOR 350mA (Compatible with Uniden WDECT2315 R cordless telephone) 350mA RAngle 4mmPositive tip compatible supplied same as canon PA-10R $20.00
AAD-210 Uniden AC adaptor 210mA (for Uniden remote Cordless Telephone Charger)  (at Neerim and grange)  COmpatible with AAD-650U 9v 350ma $20.00
AAD-600S Uniden AC adaptor 210mA (for Uniden remote Cordless Telephone Charger)  (at Neerim and grange) $20.00
AAD-650U UNIDEN AC ADAPTOR 350mA RH plug positive tip (Compatible with XSA650 Uniden cordless  telephone) Supplying compatible Dyne 42405 power supply $20.00
AD01 Maestro 500mA $15.00
ADS-18C-12 0914GPSA HONOR REGULATED 9V 1.5A $20.00
DCA913 DAICHI AC-DC Adaptor 9V 1.2A with 2.1 mm Plug, Reversible Polarity $22.65
DCA9501 SY-09050-AS DAICHI AC-DC Adaptor 9V 500mA with very small plug $17.20
DSA-0151A-09AS DYMO REGULATED 9V 1.5A with negative tip $25.00
E21ADT-31 I/P:AC 240v 50 hZ 9v 600mA negative tip $22.00
E48091000A040G AC-DC Adaptor 1000mA compatible supplied short shank 2.1 5.5 $22.00
EA-150 AC-DC Adaptor 9V 0.5A $18.00
GP 41039300D Creative AC/DC Adaptor 300mA $15.00
HB-41AU-01 Telstra AC/DC Adaptor $14.00
KA24D090020033S  Ktec PS 9V 200ma (compatible with DSE Universal RF Video Modulator L1507) $12.00
KX-TCA1AL Panasonic AC/DC Adaptor 350mA (compatible supplied with RH -ve polarity plug) $20.00
KX-TCA1AL Panasonic AC Adapter Output: 9V/350mA (compatible with Panasonic KX-TC1170ALN integrated phone system $20.00
LF9300D-415 AC/DC Adaptor 2.7VA 300mA $12.00
M9004 TCG 300MA W2115 $12.00
MDS-00900300 AC Adaptor 300mA $12.00
MKD-090500SA AC Adaptor 9V 500mA Right Angle plug +ve  5.5 2.1 $18.00
MKD-091000SA AC Adaptor 9V 1A  with 5.0mm plug $20.00
PA-10R 9.5V DC 500ma +ve polarity smaller plug for Canoscan N340P / N540P, also for Uniden AAD-0415 $20.00
PQLV1AL Panasonic AC/DC Adaptor 500mA. Negative Tip Right Angle Standard plug. Compatible one supplied $20.00
PS444 ARLEC AC Adaptor 300mA $12.00
PS480909DV Desk-Top Power Supply 1A T-413 Potrans 9V 1A $22.00
PS9200 ARLEC Plug Pack 200mA $12.00
PS9600 ARLEC Plug Pack 600mA $15.00
PQLV13AL Panasonic AC Adapter Output: 9V DC 100mA (Compatible with Panasonic PQLV30004ZAN handset) $15.00
SA-020091A-F Q051030 Soniq REGULATED DC 9.0V 2A FOR DVP710 and other $25.00
SMP9V-3A-21R REGULATED 9V DC 3A 2.1 reversible tip part no: SMP9V-3A-21R $33.00
SY-09100-AS AC-DC ADAPTOR 1000mA compatible with iConnectAccess634) $20.00
TT300 Telecom Technologies 300mA $14.00
TT-300-4A Telstra Technologies PTY LTD 300mA RA standard plug $15.00
TT-300-6B Telstra Technologies PTY LTD 300mA $15.00
TT-300-6B Telecom Technologies Pty ltd 300mA (Compatible with Telecom Australia Freedom 120 Model TC120AUS cordless telephone) $22.00
V/79309 / PS580 ATARI A.C. Adaptor 4387 500mA $22.00
V/79309 / PS 9600 ARLEC AC Adaptor 600mA $15.00
V/79309 / PS 9600 NEC PS Adaptor 600mA Negative Tip $15.00

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