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Central Management System (CMS) Software feature
1.Maximum: 1024 CHs network connection(64,128,256,512,1024)
2.Compression: H.264 / MPEG 4 / MJPEG compression
3. Provides recording, local playback, remote playback and recycle
4. Audio alarm
5. System log information
6. 2- Way Audio
7. PTZ(Speed-Dome) Control
8. 1 channel audio preview
9. Multi-languages supoort(English,French,German,Japanese,Italian,Spanish,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese)
10.Changeable GUI skin(Customized)
11.Support IP Camera / Video Server and Analog Camera
12.Support AXIS / SONY / VIVOTEK Network Camera or Video Server
13.Support Dual Monitor Display
14.CMS UI display resoultion support 1280x1024,1600x1200,1680x1050,1920x1200
15.Supprot E-map
Major software feature
. Full screen view
. Object counting
. Alarm on objects passing between predefined regions
. Video lost detection
. On screen video lost message
. Synchronized video and audio
. System log
. Support 1,000 accounts for logins and passwords
. Multi level passwords protection
. I/O devices control
. PTZ control panel
. Support dynamic IP address
. Live video snapshot
. Hardware Watch-Dog-Timer (WDT)
. Previous preview
. Display 4/6/9/10/13/16/33/64
. Support Windows XP / Vista / Server 2008 Standard
. NAS support for NVR only(optional)
. Provide 3GPP Server (3G Mobile Phone List: Nokia Symbian, Windows mobile)
. H.264 / MPEG-4 record
. Recording trigger by round-the-clock, motion detection, alarm and schedule
. Adjustable recording quality for each camera
. Pre-motion recording
. Supports Windows XP burning software (Backup utility)
. 1 / 4 channels of live audio streaming and recording
. 2-Way audio
Smart Search & Easy Playback 
. Event search
. Export a video footage within a specified time range
. Synchronized audio and video for both live and playback modes
. AVI/BMP format export
. Instant remote file playback
. E-mail notification with attached video images on motion and alarm activation
. E-mail or telephone notification on video lost or I/O error
. SMS alerts available in Main System
. Alarms on objects that pass between predefined regions
Remote Monitoring Software:
. Remote View
. IP Multicast
. Web server
. Remote Playback System (Instant play or after full download)
. WinCE PDA view only support:  NVR-140/143/149/153/155/157/180/183-8/183-16/981/270/271/276/278/279
. Modem server
. Multi-Server link (Center like)
Integration Solution
. Point-Of-Sale (Optional)
OEM Solution
. Changeable GUI Skin
. Multi-language
Support SONY Network Camera Product Series 
. SNC-RZ / SNC-P5 / SNC-P1 / SNC-CS11 / SNC-CS10 / SNC-DF70 / SNC-DF40
Support VIVOTEK Network Camera / Video Server Product Series 
.IP7131 / IP7132 / IP7135 / IP7137 / IP7138 / IP7139 / IP7151 / IP7152
.PZ6112 / PZ6122 / PZ6114 / PZ6124
.PT7135 / PT7137
Support AXIS Network Camera / Video Server Product Series 
. 2418A, 211A
Support IVS function list for optional:
1. Face Detector
2. Video Stabilize
3. Camera Tamper Detector
Price: US$ 3.00 / Channel